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Many things have changed in consumer IT over the past two decades, but one thing that hasn’t is the technical literacy of the general population: In anything, the device population explosion and the pervasiveness of technology has outpaced the industry’s attempts to make technology simpler for consumers. And that trend will only accelerate: The next three years will see the global device population double in three years, and quadruple in five.

The sheer increase in the projected number of connected devices is head-spinning enough, but it’s also the increasing diversity of devices in terms of hardware, operating systems and functions. Add together the increase in numbers and the diversity and the result is a significant increase in the overheads of supporting a device population that by 2020 will have reached 50 billion; almost a seven-fold increase.

It’s not all bad news: Web-based, self-service support solutions scale – if they are effective. And chat/voice solutions have the potential to be optimised far more than they currently are, but the tough part of any support process is device discovery: Support cannot be provided blind, and most consumers don’t know enough to answer the key technical questions unless they are fed step-by-step instructions – which is a slow, painful (and costly) experience for all involved. PrecisionSupport addresses that discovery need; two clicks and twenty seconds will discover more than a live operator could in twenty minutes, with absolute accuracy and detail, minimal impact to the consumer and in a way that can be integrated with all of your web, chat and voice support solutions: In short, no questions – just all the answers!

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